SureTemp™ Dual Convection Incubators

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H2505-130E H2505-70 H2505-70E H2505-40SH H2505-130SH H2505-70SH H2505-40 H2505-130 H2505-40E
470230-558EA 3771 USD
470230-558 470230-556 470230-566 470230-554 470230-564 470230-552 470230-562 470230-550 470230-560
SureTemp™ Dual Convection Incubators
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The new SureTemp™ Incubator series provides the highest level of temperature control with uniformity and stability levels that are unmatched by competitive models in the same class.

  • Precision temperature control
  • SureCheck™ temperature data logger
  • Dual-Convection Technology for uniform temperature with or without activating the internal fan
Each incubator is equipped with the SureCheck™ data logging system for verification of chamber temperature. The SureCheck system records temperature data points as often as every 60 seconds and stores this information on a flash drive. The data can then be viewed and saved using the included SureCheck software. The recorded data can also be used to plot temperature points on a graph or exported to a spread sheet program for verification or storage/record keeping.