Analogue to Digital Convertor

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470230-448EA 121.35 USD
Analogue to Digital Convertor
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Demonstrates basis of digital communications.

  • Converts analog signal to a binary digital output
  • Great for demonstrating the basis of digital communications
  • Companion apparatus to the labs digital to analog converter
An excellent system for demonstrating the basis of digital communications. An analogue input in the range 0 to 7 V is converted to a binary digital output in 1 V steps (i.e. 1 V is represented by 001, 2 V by 010, etc.). A switch converts the unit to 0 to 2 V sensitivity so that low frequency sine waves from a signal generator can be digitized. The binary output is available at 4 mm sockets for use with the companion Labs Digital to Analog Converter (PH1367). A 12 V DC input is required from a separate power supply.