Sympathetic Tuning Fork on Wooden Base

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Sympathetic Tuning Fork on Wooden Base
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Waves and Oscillations Learning Activities
Steel tuning forks for physics experiments.

  • Used to hear dissonance
  • One fork adjustable
  • Comes with mallet and bases
For demonstrating the production of beat frequencies. Comprises two nickel plated forks A (440 Hz ±5%) mounted on individual boxes. One fork is provided with adjustable mass by means of which frequency may be shifted from the nominal 440 Hz .When both forks are sounded a clearly audible 'beat' is produced, its rate depending upon the difference in frequency between the forks. (2) Tuning forks with bases, (1) Mallet.

Note: These are designed for physics experiments to create beats and are often not exactly 440 Hz (usually 436 - 444 Hz). They can be adjusted to create beats within each other or to match each other.