Show Me Science Marine Biology - The Waters Of South East Asia

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Show Me Science Marine Biology - The Waters Of South East Asia
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The waters off the eastern cape of South Africa are teeming with life. Every year, as the waters in this area cool off, it appears to trigger an event referred to as the Sardine Run. In this program scientists study the behavior of the fish in these waters to get a better understanding of their place in the food web. Watch as these massive schools of sardines travel over a thousand kilometers from Durban, South Africa, up the coast to Mozambique followed by hungry predators such as gannets, dolphins and sharks. Marine biologists witness the delicate balance of the food chain, look for clues as to why the sardines make this famed Sardine Run year after year and attempt to decipher why the sardines travel up the coast. Students will learn: The characteristics of organisms, Organisms and their environment, Structure and function in living systems, Reproduction and heredity, Regulation and behavior, Populations and ecosystems, Diversity and adaptations of organisms. Key subjects discussed include Echolocation, Food Web, Metabolism, Oceanographer, Olfactory, Omega-3 fatty acids, Pod.