iworx® Eight Channel Data Recorder

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470231-644EA 6137.3 USD
iworx® Eight Channel Data Recorder
Data Loggers
The iWorx RA Recorder is the most advanced and feature-rich physiological data acquisition system on the market. It comes standard with eight general purpose input channels, a low voltage and high voltage stimulator, eight digital inputs and outputs, a built-in barometric pressure sensor, and four iWire™ inputs.

  • Flexible recording
  • 16 bit resolution
  • 4 BNC inputs, 4 DIN8, and 4 wire inputs
  • High and low voltage stimulator output
The iWorx RA exhibits the high resolution, low noise, and flexibility required for a variety of research applications including cardiac function, themodynamics, isolated tissue and organ studies, exercise physiology research, metabolic function studies, neuroscience and both oocyte and epithelial voltage clamp applications. Incorporating innovative iWire serial interface technology and advanced LabScribe data acquisition and analysis software, the iWorx RA Recorder accommodates a wide range of sensors, transducers, and other devices.

LabScribe Software System Requirements: Windows: Vista, 7, 7, 10; Mac: OSX,10.9, above;
Min. Requirements: Pentium IV 1GHz, 2GB RAM, 2GB Free Hard drive Space, 2 Available USB ports;Recommended Specs: Quad Core 64 bit processor, 4GB or More Memory