Iworx® 4 Channel Amplifier

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470231-652EA 2632.89 USD
Iworx® 4 Channel Amplifier
Data Loggers
This signal conditioner for iWorx-brand transducers that provides four channels of excitation power, gain, and noise filtration.

  • Gain control is very straightforward
It exhibits low system noise and offset, making it suitable for use with high resolution data acquisition systems. Each channel has a switch to allow selection of either a 40 Hz or 10 kHz low pass filter. This makes the it an ideal solution for conditioning signals from low-bandwidth transducers such as those used to measure blood pressure or force as well as those applications requiring wider bandwidth.

Gain control is very straightforward. A programming resistor in the DIN-8 connector is used to set the gain. iWorx transducers set the gain to the optimal value for a given measurement. However, this does not limit the amplifier to use with iWorx transducers. Many non-iWorx transducers, can be modified to work.

LabScribe Software System Requirements: Windows: Vista, 7, 7, 10; Mac: OSX,10.9, above;
Min. Requirements: Pentium IV 1GHz, 2GB RAM, 2GB Free Hard drive Space, 2 Available USB ports; Recommended Specs: Quad Core 64 bit processor, 4GB or More Memory"