Advanced Soldering Kit, Solar Powered LED Fox

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470233-472EA 58 USD
Advanced Soldering Kit, Solar Powered LED Fox
The Lumen advanced Fox soldering kit gives those with soldering experience a chance to increase their skills to surface mount soldering.

  • Two alternating amber LED eyes are powered by 4 tiny solar panels
  • 18 components to solder onto the Fox circuit board
  • Students intuitively learn the relationship between solar power and storage
  • Perfect for students 13 and up with some soldering experience
The Fox is a compact and attractive way for students to learn surface mount soldering. Basic instructions included, available with a white Fox shaped board. Once assembled the LEDs will charge either under solar power or using the micro-USB connector on the front. Solar charge time is only 15 minutes in full sun, USB tab charge time is 2 minutes. Once charged the amber LEDs will alternate and gradually dim over 3 hours. Does not include cord for hanging. Recommended tools: soldering iron, solder, tweezers, magnifying glass, and patience.