Venturi V05-General Purpose Bench Fume Hood with Vertical Rising Sash, Kemglass Liner, Kewaunee Scientific

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Venturi V05-General Purpose Bench Fume Hood with Vertical Rising Sash, Kemglass Liner, Kewaunee Scientific
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Chemical Fume Hoods
The Supreme Air Venturi provides the safest user-friendly fume hood manufactured today. The Supreme Air Venturi utilizes proven containment enhancing techniques coupled with innovative laboratory convenience features, including: adjustable LED lights, electromechanical sash stops, ultra-smooth sash system, and push button sash management.

  • Un paralleled Venturi enhanced containment technology
  • High performance/energy efficient
  • Unique ultra-smooth sash system
  • Exceptional viewing height
  • Flush airfoil
  • LED lights with color and intensity adjustability
  • Electromechanical sash stops
Color: Light neutral or snow white

Certifications: UL and cUL listed. Tested to ASHRAE 110, NIH03-112C, ASTM D552, and NFPA 45.

Ordering information: Work top and base cabinets not included with fume hood.