OHAUS® Light Duty Orbital Shakers

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OHAUS® Light Duty Orbital Shakers
Shakers and Mixers Shaking Incubators
Save Incubator Space with Benchtop Orbital Shakers.

  • LED displays for temperature, speed and time
  • Timer with audible alarm
  • Calibration mode for temperature
  • Microprocessor-controlled for consistent shaking action
  • Triple eccentric drive provides reliable service and continuous duty
  • Safety features include speed ramping and overload protection
Ohaus Incubating Light Duty Shakers are designed to incubate samples from 10° below ambient to 65 °C depending on the model. The incubating Mini shaker has a 3.6 kg (8 lb.) capacity while the Incubating Microplate Shaker can hold up to four standard or deep well plates. Incubating-Cooling Mini Shaker is designed to hold two microplates or two optional modular tube blocks. All models feature LED displays with touchpad controls.

Operating Features: Microprocessor Control-The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform shaking action. Microprocessor will display last set-point and will restart if power is interrupted. PID Temperature Controller–Maintains precise temperature control from ambient +5 to 65 °C. Easy-to-use controls allow users to adjust temperature in 1 °C increments. Triple Eccentric Drive-Permanently lubricated ball bearings and maintenance free, brushless DC motor provide reliable service and continuous duty operation. LED Display-Touch pad controls with easy-to-read, independent LED displays for temperature, speed and time allow operator to view all settings at once. Provides repeatable and accurate results every time and is easily visible across lab benches. Timer will display elapsed time or, when programmed to user defined limit, will shut off unit when time reaches zero. Display will show last used settings, even after power has been turned off. Temperature Calibration Mode-Allows user to calibrate unit to an external temperature device.

Safety Features: Overload Protection-Audible and visual signals will activate when system detects an obstruction or overload of the tray. Speed Ramping Feature–Slowly increases speed to desired set-point to avoid splashing. Audible Alarm-In timed mode, alarm will sound when the time reaches zero. Caution Hot Indicator-Symbol illuminates when the temperature of the air in the chamber reaches 40 °C and remains lit until temperature cools down. Spill-Resistant Design-Channels fluids away from internal components. Polycarbonate Lid-Permits viewing of samples without disturbing internal temperature.

Operating Conditions–Unit can be run in conditions from 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F), maximum 80% relative humidity, non-condensing. Applications–Cell cultures, bacterial suspensions, hybridizations, Immunoassays.

Ordering information: Unit includes a detachable, 3-wire cord and plug.