BioFit® MVMT™ Tech Series Critical Performance Seating, Technical Performance Package, BioFit

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MVMT™ Tech
76202-630EA 2035.75 USD
76411-346 76202-630 76202-652 76202-640 76202-634 76202-644 76202-646 76202-638 76202-648
BioFit® MVMT™ Tech Series Critical Performance Seating, Technical Performance Package, BioFit
Represents a revolutionary advancement in technical ergonomic seating and is changing the user experience dynamic in today’s workplace. This seating combines a forward-looking European perspective with the tradition of technological precision and proven durability.

  • Black vinyl upholstery, chrome finish
  • Built to withstand 3 shift use, 365 days per year and supported by a 13 year warranty
  • Comfortable, award-winning design features full adjustability and ergonomic support
  • Engineered for easy, efficient and effective cleanability, meets rigid standards for technical areas
  • Boasts an aesthetic to positively impact corporate image and help attract top talent
  • Exclusive QR Code Profile System delivers a unit-specific microsite of information for each chair
  • Standard task control regulates seat height and backrest angle while keeping the seat fixed at a 3.5 degree rearward angle
  • Low high profile tubular steel base with 23" leg spread
Modular componentry permits numerous (optional) configuration alternatives tailored to suit specific tasks, body types, interior design trends and budgetary considerations in the following work spaces and beyond: Laboratory or Healthcare or Clean Room or Static Control or Industrial or Standing Workstation Applications.

Professionals in technical workspaces have unique ergonomic needs, as they move and sit in positions quite different than those of their office counterparts. With configurations created specifically for healthcare, laboratory, clean room, static control, industrial and standing-desk applications, MVMT represents a revolutionary advancement for today’s workers.

The MVMT Tech Series, with a choice of classic 5-star or heavy-duty tubular steel base and a range of scalable options, is geared for use in the harshest industrial settings to the most technical workspaces. MVMT Tech Series models are a preferred seating solution in pharmaceutical, medical device, genetic research, aerospace and similar industries.

Ordering information: For additional configurations and options, please contact your Avantor representative.