Drugs: Small Town, Big Problem

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Drugs: Small Town, Big Problem
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Trace Evidence Learning Activities
A Forensic Case Study.

  • Perfect for middle school students
  • Aligned to NGSS PS1.A, PS1.B and LS1.A
In the small community of Riverside, police have noticed a recent increase in drug-related activity. Under orders of the mayor, the police department was tasked with solving the problem. After extensive investigation the police determined the distributor of the drugs is most likely one of six suspects. The Riverside police have asked the police department from the neighboring town of Mapledale to assist in the investigation. In this activity your students work for the Mapledale Forensic Analysis Lab and have been asked to analyze a variety of forensic evidence, including fingerprints, unknown powders, urine specimens, money, and handwriting samples, to assist the Riverside police in determining which is the most likely suspect.