DenLine Protection Plus® Laboratory Jackets (Short)

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DenLine Protection Plus® Laboratory Jackets (Short)
Choose the fluid protection and user comfort levels to meet your application needs.

  • Denline® fluid and stain resistant fabric is 99% polyester/1% cotton
  • Stain resistant fabric repels all aqueous liquids (Blood, Bleach, Reagents)
  • Wrinkle resistant fabrics
  • Suitable for Use in molecular cleanrooms
  • Tested 200+ commercial wash and dry cycles
  • 7.7 year coat life at 26 washes/year (protocol available)
  • Available in 2 lengths and multiple colors - new black color with blood and bleach safe fabric and cuffs
Denline® long and short length lab coats and lab jackets offer superior protection for all medical and laboratory applications. They offer 360° front and back protection. 'No Failure' stitching on all double stitched pockets, with bar tack reinforced top corners offering excellent durability. 'Lifetime Guaranteed' heavy-duty stainless steel snap closures.

Durable, spun woven 'Low Pill' polyester, comfortable 'quick dry' if wet, stain resistant cuffs. Air flow comparable to 70/30 poly-cotton blend for optimum long term wearability. Laboratory Coats feature hip vents to increase air circulation to upper body and minimizes tendency to 'ride up' when seated. Lab jackets offer rounded, no color necks with raglan sleeves for extra shoulder room and comfortable fit.

Certifications: Tested to cleanroom ISO 5 (Class 100).