Garage Physics Projectile Motion Sling Shot, Eisco Scientific

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Garage Physics Projectile Motion Sling Shot, Eisco Scientific
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Projectile motion is one of the most important topics in Newtonian mechanics, next to Hooke's Law for springs. Explore both in a very simple and robust setup.

  • This kit allows students to explore projectile motion writ-large with a rubber-band slingshot!
  • The material is high quality precision-cut Birch veneer pure bond plywood
  • All necessary parts are included and shown in picture
  • Made in the USA
By recording the time-of-flight of the ping pong ball, students can deduce the initial velocity for various rubber band settings. This can be used to experimentally determine the spring constant of the common rubber band in a dynamic setting.

By tipping the slingshot and breaking the initial velocity into its horizontal and vertical components, range can be predicted and measured. Range with 2 rubber bands is more than 30 feet. Additional rubber bands can launch the ping pong ball (or other projectiles) much farther.

Delivery information: Kit comes with a step-by-step educational guide and includes the slingshot, ping pong ball, and angled supports.