Ward's® Beating Net

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470308-236CS 791.5 USD
Ward's® Beating Net
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Withstands the strongest brush.

  • Strong aluminum pole
  • Screw-on ring connection
  • Net bag with partial netting
  • Nets are 550 micron (µm) mesh
The Ward's beating net combo is a terrific way to start collecting from heavy brush or confined spaces. All the Ward's insect nets utilize a component system of handle, ring and net so you can easily upgrade or replace worn parts. The beating net utilizes the aluminum handle with a rubberized grip. This handle is hollow to reduce weight, but not think enough to easily bend or break.

The 36 in handle length is easy to maneuver at a distance, or working closer to your body. The 12 inch steel ring connects using a Screw-on mount providing a very rigid connection between the net and the handle. The kit also includes the sweeping net. The net bag is a full length 76 cm, but only the last 22 cm is netting. This partial net will allow you to view captured insects with a closed bag, but reduce the risk of the netting being torn on small branches.

Accessories information: Replacement rings and nets can also be seen on our 'Build Your Own Insect Net' page.