Ward's® Skimming Net

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Ward's® Skimming Net
Animal Supplies Animal Nets
Easy Stream Side Collection.

  • Component assembly
  • Crafted for multiple uses
  • Easy to use
  • Nets are 550 micron (µm) mesh
The Ward's skimming net systeThe Ward's skimming net system is easy to use, and flexible of the future. The Ward's professional handle is 47" long, giving you a long reach into a stream, or from a boat. The wood handle is strong and gloss finished to help resist water absorption.

The net and ring connect using our unique component system of pins and a marine grade brass retaining ring. The net easily slides onto the ring using a muslin sleeve and contains a drainage grommet to minimize water retention. The net itself is about 7" deep while on 12" diameter ring providing enough depth to capture organisms while retaining maneuverability.

Accessories information: Replacement rings and nets can also be seen on our 'Build Your Own Insect Net' page.