Ward's® Multi-Use Insect Net

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470308-232CS 631.4 USD
Ward's® Multi-Use Insect Net
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Use in field or stream.

  • Component assembly
  • Crafted for multiple uses
  • Convenient wet or dry collection
  • 550 µm (micron) mesh
  • Aligned with GLOBE protocols
The Ward's professional net system is designed for the most flexibility in collecting without needing to change nets. The component structure allows you to easily change parts in the future as your collecting needs change.

This kit contains our professional handle with our own connection system. The wooden handle has a gloss finish, and a marine brass connection giving it the strength and resistance for collection in or out of the water. The included 12” D-ring is made of steel and fits tightly and securely into the handle, even in the current. The domed net is designed for aquatic use, with a draining grommet in the sleeve. It’s also deep enough for normal aerial sweeping, or collection from surfaces.

Accessories information: Replacement rings and nets can also be seen on our "Build Your Own Insect Net" page: professional handle, 12" D-ring, domed net.