Ward's® Student Insect Net Set

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470308-228CS 422.3 USD
Ward's® Student Insect Net Set
Animal Supplies Animal Nets
A high quality starter net.

  • Component structure allows for changes in the future
  • Light and agile
  • Nets are 550 micron (µm) mesh
  • Approximate net opening diameter is 240 mm
A great prebuilt kit for the beginner, or initial purchase. The Student insect net is designed for general aerial sweeping and collection. Each net is supplier as three basic components. The net slides onto a ring, which is attached to the handle using pins and a sliding retaining ring.

This system allows you to quickly and easily change rings and nets. The student grade handle is light and has a smaller diameter making it easy to sweep and turn the net. The rings are a small diameter steel and incredibly strong. The high quality net threads onto the ring with a muslin sleeve, giving you the ability to easily change nets in the future.

Accessories information: Replacement rings and nets can also be seen on our 'Build Your Own Insect Net' page.