Fluval® Gravel Vac

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Fluval® Gravel Vac
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Take total control of the aquarium cleaning process.

  • Easy start siphon for quick priming
  • Thumb-operated flow regulator
  • Suitable for all substrates (Sand, Gravel, Rock)
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
These gravel cleaners are a must have for any aquaculturalist. Each vac effectively traps dirt and debris. Flow is started with a hand pump that primes easily and quickly, usually just a couple of pumps and you are cleaning. While cleaning you control the speed with a simple flow regulator, allowing you to clean more while performing a water change. A built in guard prevents clogging as substrate is drawn into the vacuum tube and the tube includes an extension to reach difficult corners, or work around decorations. Choose the small for aquaria 20" deep or less and the Large for 24" of depth.