Garage Physics Ball Bearing Roller Coaster, Eisco Scientific

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Garage Physics Ball Bearing Roller Coaster, Eisco Scientific
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
The perfect kit for students and educators studying gravitational potential energy, translational and rotational kinetic energy.

  • Watch the steel ball careen down 20 feet of transparent tube, in loop de loops, corkscrews and dives, all while learning about the interplay between different forms of energy
  • Stick the included hooks to your wall to create a roller-coaster work of art!
  • Create loop de loops, corkscrews and dives!
Send the steel ball bearing through hoops and loops and watch potential energy convert to kinetic energy with this roller coaster kit! Rollercoasters are one of the best ways to see the interplay between potential and kinetic energy! Perfect for students and educators. Compete with friends to create the most loop de loops, the fastest or slowest coaster, or develop educational challenges for students- the options are endless! Use household items, such as chairs and tables to devise complex routes to explore different ways to manipulate the results of your coaster (and your study)! The interplay between potential and kinetic energy has never been more fun!

Ordering information: Required but not included: a piece of scratch paper (US Letter or A4 size is sufficient) an a pair of scissors. Tape (just about any kind will do) 2 tin cans per class (any size will do).

Delivery information: Kit includes 20 ft long 5/8" diameter FDA approved vinyl tube, Removable small wire hooks (9 per package), 1 package of twisty ties with included clipper, 4 steel ball bearings 3/8" diameter, 3 rubbing alcohol pads, educational guide.