Makey Makey Classroom Invention Literacy Kit

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Makey Makey Classroom Invention Literacy Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Turn everyday objects like bananas into touch pads!

  • Connect the world around you to your computer
  • Setup takes just seconds
  • Just plug, clip and play; no programing knowledge needed
  • 1000s of possibilities: draw your own game controller or dance like never before
  • No software to install; kit works with Mac and windows
  • Makey Makey STEM pack is a distillation of 12 Makey Makey, 12 booster packs, and extra parts for inventing something even bigger
Created with the help of educators, this kit is perfect for classrooms, museums, workshop leaders, or anyone who wants all their Makey Makeys in a nicely organized carrying case. You have all the normal Makey Makey connectors plus an assortment of extra supplies that are perfect for inventing.

Delivery information: kit includes: (12) Makey Makey Boards, (12) 6' alligator clips, (12) 6' connector wires, (72) extra alligator clips, (144) new and improved connector wires (for the back) and (12) Makey Makey optimized conductive 6B pencils.