Vernier Go Direct® Sensor Carts

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Vernier Go Direct® Sensor Carts
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The Go Direct Sensor cart features built-in, wireless sensors for one-dimensional dynamics and kinematics experiments.

  • Encoder wheel to report position
  • 3-axis accelerometer to measure independent acceleration
  • ±50 N force sensor to measure push and pulls
  • Mass trays for changing total mass
  • Plunger for collision and impulse studies
  • Low friction wheels for uniform motion
With Go Direct Sensor cart, students can explore force, position, velocity, and acceleration directly on their Bluetooth-enabled device - no wires or additional equipment required. Each cart features built-in sensors to simplify experiment setup and allow investigations to be conducted on or off the track. Go Direct Sensor cart can be used for hands-on kinematics and dynamics demonstrations but can also be used as an individual sensor. Hang a mass and spring from the force sensor to study simple harmonic motion, or attach the cart to a turntable to study centripetal acceleration.

The Go Direct Sensor cart can be used in a variety of experiments:
Collect position, velocity, and acceleration data as a cart rolls freely up and down an incline.
Observe collisions between two carts, test for the conservation of momentum, or measure energy changes during different types of collisions.
Investigate the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration.
Examine the energies involved in simple harmonic motion.
Measure a cart’s momentum change and compare it to the impulse it receives.

Go Direct Sensor cart connects directly to your mobile device, Chromebook™, or computer using the free Graphical Analysis™ 4 app.

Go Direct Sensor cart is also available as a part of the dynamics cart and track system with Go Direct Sensor cart item# 470310-204.

Position resolution is 0.25 mm, reported by default at 1 mm steps, force range is ±50 N and accelerometer range is ±160 m/s².

Delivery information: These includes Go Direct® Sensor cart (green or yellow), hook, flat-top rubber bumper, anti-roll peg, empty tabs (4), micro USB cable.