MonitorTM 2000 Germicidal Cabinet, Sellstrom Mfg Co

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MonitorTM 2000 Germicidal Cabinet, Sellstrom Mfg Co
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Biological Safety Cabinets
Monitor 2000 germicidal cabinet sanitize goggles/safety glasses for next use and specially designed for educational and medical industry applications. It sanitizes eyewear surfaces from germs, bacteria, mold, fungus contaminants and features tamper-resistant latches with two keys provided. Also it kills 99.4% of germs during the timer-controlled cycle - third-party tested.

  • Multiple units are keyed alike
  • Zero UV radiation escapes during use
  • Pilot light confirms UV lamp is in use
  • Wall or shelf mountable
It features sturdy 22-gauge white enameled steel cabinet with interlocking doors. Equipped with automatic shut-off if doors are opened.

Each shelf holds approximately five goggles or six safety glasses.

Certifications: Laboratory listed and cUL certified.

Delivery information: Supplied with grounded cord 7' (2.13 m).