Premiere Centrifuge with Timer and Speed Control

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470303-890EA 309 USD
Premiere Centrifuge with Timer and Speed Control
Centrifuges Benchtop Centrifuges
Variable one touch programming of speed and time with LED display panel.

  • 6 tube (10 to 15 ml) capacity (25.4×100 mm)
  • 1 to 60 minute time range
The XC-2000 offers a variable speed selection from 1000 to 4000 rpm, which is adjustable in 500 RPM increments, achieving a maximum RCF of 1790 g’s. This reliable bench-top centrifuge features a fixed angle rotor that holds up to six test tubes ranging from 10 to 15 ml in fluid capacity. The XC-2000 also provides you with a 60 minute timer, a continuous hold-spin function and a last-spin memory feature that remembers the previous operation, reducing the time it takes to reconfigure your desired setting. Tired of noisy centrifuges? Anyone that has experienced having multiple centrifuges running simultaneously can attest to fact that this noise brings both distraction and discomfort to the workplace. As such, the XC-2000 features one of our proprietary quiet motors generating an operating noise level of under 70 dB, in the hopes of helping you maintain a quiet and comfortable work environment.