Urchin Fossil Replica, Eisco Scientific

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Urchin Fossil Replica, Eisco Scientific
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This fossil replica represents an ancient sea urchin that crawled along the seafloor, feeding on algae. Although they are rarely preserved, echinoderms that looked like this had long spines like the sea urchins of today.

  • Fossil replica of a Mesozoic echinoderm measuring approximately 1.5" (3.5 cm)
  • Sturdy fossil replica made from resin is designed to last through heavy classroom and laboratory use
  • This echinoderm is related to the sea urchins and starfish of today
  • Perfect for use in the classroom during lessons on fossils and paleontology
Though the echinoderm's durable test, or shell, is often preserved, the more fragile spines are rarely preserved. This fossil is great for learning about paleontology and fossil preservation. You can also bury it in the sand and make your own fossil hunt.