The Layered Earth Geology Web Subscription

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The Layered Earth Geology Web Subscription
Software Earth Science Educational Software
Dynamically explore The Earth on a web browser!

  • Enable your students to envision Earth as a whole system
Layered Earth integrates your earth science curriculum with the latest technology to prepare your students for the skills they'll need in the 21st century. In a dynamic environment, through step-by-step computer explorations, activities and resources, you will guide your students through a geological journey that will rock their world. Show the students tectonic plate boundaries, mountain ranges, volcanoes, earthquakes, mineral resources and biomes. Dive into the earth's core, slice open a volcano or watch rocks transform. They'll even witness the changing shapes of earth's major landmasses throughout history!

Manipulating models is an effective way to investigate scientific ideas, especially when dealing with things that are very slow, fast, large or small. With Layered Earth, you'll give your students a virtual model of earth that can be measured, manipulated and visualized, to build a deeper understanding of how the earth system works. Teachable Moments feature keeps content fresh and relevant by providing educators with auto updates of new lessons, exercises, simulations, and phenomena!

Layered Earth includes interactive Earth Science software and teachers guide with full curricular support.