Watersafe Well Water Test

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Watersafe Well Water Test
Environmental Test Kits
Watersafe Well Water Test Kit was specifically designed to help you test quickly and easily for the most common contaminants found in well water.

  • Test for copper, iron, and lead
  • Detect dangerous levels of Nitrates/Nitrites
  • Test for potentially harmful bacteria
  • Reveal the presence of toxins from pesticides or fertilizers
  • Learn your water's pH balance
  • Determine your water's "hardness"
  • Identify unsafe levels of chlorine in your water
  • Compare all your results to EPA-recommended levels
Thanks to the WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit, there's no need to send your water to a lab; you can test it yourself! This test kit will alert you to even the smallest traces of toxins from pesticides or fertilizers that may have seeped into your water supply.

Fast, easy-to-use water test kits detect hazardous contaminants in municipal and private well drinking water. Drinking water test kits indicate the presence of bacteria, pesticides, and lead. Kits also include readings for nitrate (0 to 50ppm), nitrite (0 to 10ppm), total chlorine (0 to 10ppm), pH (6 to 10), and water hardness (0 to 425ppm). Well water test kits add tests for contaminants commonly found in private well water: iron and copper (0 to 5ppm). Order bacteria, pesticides, and lead stand-alone kits if less comprehensive tests are required. All kits are for one-time use.