eCount Colony Counter

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470311-036CS 2249.3 USD
eCount Colony Counter
Colony Counters
Rapid and accurate Colony Counter.

  • Features a light, ergonomic body that is balanced for easy manipulation
  • Count up/down verification, enabling count confirmation
  • Thumb button allows use as a digital tally counter
  • Easily verify each count with either an audible beep or LED flash
  • Includes weighted stand for convenient benchtop use
  • Up to 999 colonies per zone helps simplify the counting process
The eCount is an easy to use colony counter for counting cells in microbiology applications or tissue culture. This unit combines a multifunction electronic counter with a Sharpie® pen for counting and marking, to prevent missing or double-counting colonies in a Petri dish. This unit displays totals for up to 32 individual counts or zones. It is quick and easy to change between different colored markers to check different colony counts in the same view.

Another added feature is this multi-functional counter can be turned off allowing the unit to be used for writing as well. The eCount colony counter comes with counter, black Sharpie®, long-life button battery, hand tally adapter counts without marking, and weighted stand for convenient benchtop use.

Certifications: ROHS3, WEEE.