Bio-Rad® Giant Panda Problem Kit

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Bio-Rad® Giant Panda Problem Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
The Giant Panda Problem Kit for AP biology puts your students in the role of conservation scientists as they monitor the fertility of giant pandas using the power of ELISA testing.

  • Aligns with AP Biology Big Ideas two and four
  • Both qualitative and quantitative measurements of reactions
  • Students perform real antibody and hormone detection ELISAs
After an initial structured inquiry activity about immunodetection using ELISA, students will design their own ELISA protocol to check for biomarkers in simulated panda samples. As a ThINQ!™ Investigation, the kit is designed to enable students to think through scientific discovery.

Delivery information: Kit includes simulated hormone, antibodies, HRP enzyme substrate, 10X PBS, 10% Tween, disposable plastic transfer pipets, micro test tubes, micro strip plates, curriculum. Kit will be shipped immediately. Must be stored appropriately upon receipt.