Papertronics Lunar Lander

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Papertronics Lunar Lander
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A fun hands-on circuit that teaches polarity, following directions, aesthetic design and personalization. New vocabulary is also incorporated into the project. Topics covered: switches, designing and reading circuit diagrams, three-dimensional project and deconstruction.

  • Everything is included to make thirty electronic paper toys
  • Origami
  • Fun electronics lesson that transforms into a design object once completed
  • Age 6+
  • Design your own (blank one is included)
Papertronics are LED toys. Spaceboy, AlienGirl and Tabula Rasa (blank one you can design yourself), they are all electronic and have an LED in them once assembled. They offer a constructionist approach to learning a simple electronics lesson. They are printed with soy inks on recycled paper.

Papercraft is a practical and evocative way to introduce STEAM concepts. Keeps little hands busy learning hands-on concepts. Engineering and design concepts are baked into papercraft projects. 2D shapes become 3D shapes. Batteries, conductive tapes and lights add technology.