UV Papertronics Skulls

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UV Papertronics Skulls
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STEAM at its best: this DIY electronics project combines circuitry, art, and culture.

  • Day of the Dead art/technology lesson
  • Recommended for ages 6+
  • Available individually or in packs of 30
  • UV LEDs cause fluorescent ink to glow
  • Includes everything you need - no soldering
UV Papertronics are paper toys with electronic circuits in them. They are printed with flourescent ink, and the included LEDs emit ultra - violet light which causes the ink to glow. Fold them yourself, they come pre-cut. These day of the dead stencils help the students design their own patterns. This kit is a great cultural project for Spanish class, science, technology, or art. The lesson teaches polarity, following directions, aesthetic design and personalization. New vocabulary is also incorporated into the project.

Papercraft is a practical and evocative way to introduce STEAM concepts. Keeps little hands busy learning hands-on concepts. Engineering and design concepts are baked into papercraft projects. 2D shapes become 3D shapes. Batteries, conductive tapes and lights add technology.