Collagen Type I (COL1)(Human) ELISA Kit

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Collagen Type I (COL1)(Human) ELISA Kit
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A sandwich ELISA kit for the quantitative measurement of collagen type I in biological fluids.

  • Easy, convenient and time-saving method
  • Detection Range: 0.313 to 20 ng/ml
  • Sensitivity: <0.188 ng/ml
  • Assay precision: Intra-assay: CV <8%; Inter-assay: CV <10%
  • No significant cross-reactivity or interference was observed
Collagen, a major component of the extracellular matrix, is a fibrous protein that provides tensile strength to tissues giving them structural integrity. Collagens are fibrous, extracellular matrix proteins with high tensile strength and are the major components of connective tissue, such as tendons and cartilage.

All collagens contain a triple helix domain and frequently show lateral self-association in order to form complex connective tissues. Several collagens also play a role in cell adhesion, important for maintaining normal tissue architecture and function.

The extensive family of COL gene products (collagens) is composed of several chain types, including fibril-forming interstitial collagens (types I, II, III and V) and basement membrane collagens (type IV), each type containing multiple isoforms.

COL1 ELISA kit is a sandwich ELISA assay for the quantitative measurement of COL1 in human serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants. The density of color is proportional to the amount of COL1 captured from the samples.