LEYBOLD® Conditions for Iron Corrosion

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LEYBOLD® Conditions for Iron Corrosion
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LEYBOLD® Chemistry Experiments.

  • Metals and their properties
  • Corrosion
  • Chemical reactions and stochiometry
Examines the conditions under which ferrous metals corrode. Wads of iron wool are subjected to different conditions. In one test tube, boiled water is poured over the iron wool, in the second test tube the iron wool is left dry, and the third test tube is rinsed with tap water so that droplets remain in the tube. This test tube is connected to an immersion tube manometer filled with colored water.

The changes in the iron wool and the changes in the immersion tube manometer are observed. It can be seen that under the simultaneous action of water and oxygen on iron, corrosion forms and a measurable negative pressure builds up in the apparatus.