3B Scientific® Dual Sex Torso with Asian Features

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3B Scientific®
470311-816EA 1743.05 USD
3B Scientific® Dual Sex Torso with Asian Features
Models Human Biology Models
Developed for schools in asia.

  • Includes 3b torso guide
  • 317 structures keyed from photos
  • Three year manufacturers warranty
  • Includes 3B Smart Anatomy
The 3B Scientific Torso offers many possibilities you need for detailed demonstrations in human anatomy. With this human torso model you receive 100% quality and a high standard of detailed manufacturing. The quality of this torso is impressive, just like the price! Use it to answer all questions on internal human anatomy. This model of a human torso was developed especially for Asian schools. The internal organs are soft, durable plastic and can be removed.

This dual-sex torso is complete as a tool for human anatomy education with the 3B Torso Guide. All the organs in this human torso are hand painted for a quality product. This great human anatomy educational tool and makes learning the location of the human organs easy.

Accessories information: For information about 3B Smart Anatomy, please see the document attached on this page.