3B Scientific® Human Cell Model

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3B Scientific®
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3B Scientific® Human Cell Model
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Dress up your classroom or school foyer.

  • Approximately 40000x life size
  • Ideal for museums
This one of a kind model represents an undifferentiated human cell at an enlargement of 40,000 times. It shows the structure of the smallest unit of any living creature capable of independent life, as seen through an electron microscope. The high quality human cell model shows the essential function-bearing cell organelles with stunning beauty and their arrangement in the model provides a momentary snapshot of the dynamic balance of a cell. The cell nucleus, a few mitochondria and the lysosomes are shown in section, so that their internal structure is visible. The glass cell is an eye-catcher in many exhibitions and has received several distinctions as "World Didac Gold Award". Whether you are looking for a model for a display case, museum mount or to make a statement in a lobby - this glass cell model is of the finest quality and sure to please.