Aeronautics: Drone Anatomy Challenge

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Aeronautics: Drone Anatomy Challenge
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Teachers are able to implement drones in any curriculum using an array of instructional options including piloting, drone-building principles, and programming.

  • Kit includes drone for one to two students in total
  • Grades 6-undergraduate
  • Is matched to the next generation science standards
  • This kit can be taken apart and reused
  • Extra battery included
Your students will be:
Building a drone using individual parts and a drone manual
Flying a drone
Taking photos and videos using a drone camera
Using photos and videos to construct a human digestive system presentation
Optional-using recycles materials to build models of the parts of the digestive system
Presenting their findings via a three minutes presentation to the class

Ordering information: Supplies needed: Smart phone or other small Wi-Fi devices capable of app download; works with android and iOS; optional-recycled materials; computer or Wi-Fi device capable of research and presentation.