Fractionated Petroleum Distillation, Leybold Products

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Fractionated Petroleum Distillation, Leybold Products
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Applied Chemistry Learning Activities
Leybold Chemistry Experiments.

  • Work with and investigate crude oil
  • Preform a fractionated distillation of crude oil
  • Learn about bubble tray column
  • Relate the structure to the properties of chemical compounds
Crude oil is first separated into different fractions by fractionated distillation. Individual substances cannot be isolated in this way, because the boiling points are very close to one another. Rather, the objective here is to collect hydrocarbons of certain boiling point ranges.

In chemical engineering, crude oil is distilled in bubble tray columns. This process is simulated in experiment C2.3.2.1. The system is fitted with two bubble trays so multiple fractions can be extracted simultaneously.