Determination of Relative Atomic Mass, Leybold Products

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Determination of Relative Atomic Mass, Leybold Products
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Atomic Structure Learning Activities
Leybold Chemistry Experiments.

  • Observe base metals dissolving in hydrochloric acid
  • Determine the relative atomic mass from the resulting gas volume
  • Recognize that the mass of a substance is not sufficient for quantitative chemical analysis
  • Determine the molar masses of metals
In experiment C1.1.1.1, the molar mass of some base metals will be determined. In order to do so, those metals - magnesium, for example - will be reacted with acids.

Different metals of the same weight produce different quantities of hydrogen. When using the same quantity of material, the same quantities of hydrogen are produced. This way, the relative molar mass of the respective metals can be determined.