3B Scientific® Ultrasonic Continuous Wave Generator

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3B Scientific®
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3B Scientific® Ultrasonic Continuous Wave Generator
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Waves and Oscillations Learning Activities
Perfect for Debye-Sears Experiments.

  • Includes Multi-Frequency probe 1 - 13 MHz
  • Adjustable frequency ≤20 MHz; Frequency increment 1 Hz
  • Accessory voltage control
Ultrasonic continuous wave generator for producing continuous, high-powered ultrasonic waves in a wide frequency range of up to 20 MHz Includes a multi-frequency probe with waterproof cast sound transmitting surface. The transmitter frequency can be adjusted in digital increments of 1 Hz and is indicated on a display. The acoustic power can also be adjusted by regulating the transmitter voltage of the ultrasonic converter and can be turned on and off separately. The transmitting mode is shown by an indicator lamp. The transmitter voltage is shown on an LCD display. The transmitter output supplies a sinusoidal signal with a maximum amplitude of 40 V.

The transmitter frequency can also be output as a TTL signal from a monitor terminal. There is also a suitable voltage output for controlling the red and green laser diodes in the Debye-Sears experiment. This, too, can be turned on and off separately and has its own indicator light. The apparatus automatically detects any laser probe that is connected and adjusts the control voltage accordingly.

Connection: 5.5 mm laser diode, BNC ultrasonic probe, 2×BNC frequency generator, and USB
Fuse: T630 mA @ 115 V; T315 mA @ 230 V
Signal output: Continuously adjustable sinusoid of 5 – 60 Vpp, separately switchable
Laser output power: 3 V DC, max. 300 mW, separately selectable with indicator light
Power consumption: 5 - 60 VA; failure @ 100 VA
Dimensions: 25.6×18.5×16.0 cm