SMZ-161 Stereo Microscopes

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470314-878EA 1010 USD
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SMZ-161 Stereo Microscopes
Provides large-scale zoom ratio and the clearest image, with high distortion-free resolution and depth of field for sharp, three-dimensional images.

The Greenough optical system delivers clear and distortion-free images with an improved zoom range of 6:1. Parfocality is ensured while running through the complete magnification range; a click-stop mechanism, implemented in the continuous zoom, enables precise reproduction of magnifications. The extended 110 mm working distance in its standard configuration gives sufficient space for sample manipulation, using a convincing three-dimensional upright image. Convincing optical performance, combined with a small footprint and robust mechanics, makes the SMZ-161 ideal for most applications in education and industry.

Designed with a high eye point and a comfortable viewing angle of 45°, the SMZ-161 enables users to work with prolonged hours of viewing without any discomfort felt in the neck and shoulders.

All Motic products come with a one-year electrical and five-year mechanical warranty.

Ordering information: Microscope is supplied with all accessories listed above. Microscope is customizable with various accessories. For all available options, please contact your local Ward's or VWR sales representative.