CENCO® Acoustic Resonance Apparatus

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CENCO® Acoustic Resonance Apparatus
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Bring your physics equipment into the 21st century with the new and improved CENCO physics acoustic resonance apparatus.

  • Explores the acoustic resonances of an enclosed air column
  • Precisely determines resonance points over a wide range of frequencies
  • Determines the velocity of sound at ambient temperature
  • Measures the tube's end correction for close theoretical comparison
  • Easily adapts to any probeware system for digital data collection
It is a thorough re-engineering of a well known acoustic experiment to improve the precision and scope of the experiment as well as to considerably improve the convenience of its operation. The traditional apparatus suffers from several limitations. Precise adjustment of the air column length is difficult, the range of adjustment is limited, and the sound source is usually at a fixed frequency and intermittent. The new CENCO design addresses all of these shortcomings.

In the apparatus, the length of the air column is adjusted by pumping air into a closed reservoir, forcing water up the vertical resonance tube to the desired height. A flow control and a quick release valve allow air to be released, to adjust the water level with millimeter precision. Sound excitation is provided with adjustable frequency and intensity by an included bluetooth speaker, driven by a tone generator app on the user's smartphone. A customer provided sound sensor mounts on the sensor platform for remote recording of the resonances.

Resonances can easily be found by allowing the water level to fall continuously from full while recording the sound intensity or by searching out individual resonances manually while observing the sound intensity readout.

Ordering information: Includes 95 cm resonance tube with permanent printed scale (85 cm usable length), 1.35 l reservoir with schrader valve, hand pump, flow control, and quick release valve. Sensor platform with bluetooth speaker and support for a wide range of sound sensors, support base and rod.