CENCO® Second Law of Motion Apparatus

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CENCO® Second Law of Motion Apparatus
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Bring your physics equipment into the 21st century with the new and improved CENCO second law of motion apparatus.

  • Demonstrates the independence of horizontal and vertical motions
  • Explores simple projectile motion
The second law of motion apparatus is a classic device in which one ball is projected horizontally while a second is just released to fall. Both experience a vertical acceleration due to gravity, neither experiences a horizontal acceleration after release. Despite the difference in their horizontal speeds, both strike the floor simultaneously, showing that vertical and horizontal motions do not affect each other. However, if the projected ball is not launched horizontally, the two balls do not strike simultaneously.

The CENCO second law of motion apparatus improves on the classic design in a number of ways to make the demonstration more convenient.

Ordering information: Includes table clamp (gives a stable support - firmer than a stand rod), bubble level (insures accurate horizontal orientation). Miniature magnet and series of holes on projection path (guarantee accurate centering and release of projected ball), adjustable stop (gives wide range of spring tensions), easy angle adjustment (allows range and time-of-flight increases with increasing angle of projection to be quickly demonstrated), mounting tabs (allow for attachment of photogates with optional mounting bracket).