Kidder Gear System

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Kidder Gear System
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Gears are so much a part of everyday life that it would be easy to overlook their impact.

  • There are enough materials in this classpack to make 12 kits
  • Requires minimal drilling, cutting and gluing
This NEW Kidder designed kit is the perfect project for your students to investigate ways in which gears modify the speed and direction of, and the force exerted on moving objects. After building and assembling this kit, your students will have an understanding of the basic principles and functions of gear systems. Watch one movement propelled by a DC motor and worm gear turn 11 different gears to demonstrate differentials and ratios in a clear and concise fashion. Put your students in groups of two and get building! There are thorough instructions provided with this kit that also mention ties to curriculum and every day life. A great project to work on in your MakerSpace, lab or library!