NewPath® Earth Science Skill Builder Flip Charts with Multimedia Lessons

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NewPath® Earth Science Skill Builder Flip Charts with Multimedia Lessons
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Combine 'Write-On/Wipe-Off' activities with interactive, multimedia coverage of key NGSS topics.

  • Complete blended learning solutions for core NGSS concepts
  • Engaging, graphical instruction and activities
  • Rich, online lessons with narrated tutorials, virtual labs, and more
  • Perfect for small groups or individual students
A perfect blended learning solution, each Curriculum Mastery® Flip Chart Set provides graphical instruction and write-on/wipe-off activities with one-year online access to a corresponding Multimedia Lesson featuring in-depth, interactive coverage of the concept. The Multimedia Lesson can be accessed by a teacher and all your students anywhere, any time, on any device including Chromebooks, tablets, computers, and mobile devices.

Each Flip Chart Set features 10 laminated, double-sided 12×18" charts. Side one features a graphic overview of the topic while Side two provides corresponding write-on/wipe-off activities for review and reinforcement. Also included is a Teacher Guide with copy master activities and review questions. Spiral-bound and mounted on a sturdy easel for years of use, the Flip Chart sets are ideal for small group instruction, learning centers, independent use, or classroom reference.

Each Flip Chart includes one year to a corresponding multimedia lesson for a teacher and all their students. Each lesson features Animated, Narrated Tutorials, Interactive Exercises and Activities, Virtual Lab Investigations, Illustrated, Narrated Glossary, Visual Resource Library, and an Inquiry-Based Student Activity Guide. Developed under sponsorship of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the lessons are perfect for individual student instruction on any computer as well as classroom presentation on any Interactive Whiteboard.