Dissection Instrument Cases

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Dissection Instrument Cases
Dissection Sets
Easily organize your instruments.

  • Three varieties to choose from
  • Safely and securely store instruments
  • Easily distribute instruments to students
Keeping track of dissecting instruments for a class can be difficult. Many rooms have a drawer full of mixed instruments, that get pulled out when needed. These drawers can be hazards for cuts, for students or teachers, as well as making it hard to keep track of what you have available. These cases allow you to assemble individual dissection kits from all of you loose instruments. The basic six loop folding case allows you to store up to six instruments. It keeps the instruments in place, and folds over each end and snaps shut. If you want to give students a larger selection of instruments, the double fold case allows for twelve instruments to be stored in a folding case. The double fold case additionally has end pockets to provide additional protection for the sharp end of instruments. The zippered case provides the neatest storage. With a capacity for ten instruments in loops, as well as a pocket for smaller parts, this hard backed case makes storage more flexible.

Caution: These instruments are intended for training and educational use only. These are not intended for human or animal procedures.