Scalpel Handles

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470315-246BX 229 USD
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Scalpel Handles
Scalpels and Scalpel Assemblies Scalpel Handles
Staples for classroom dissection.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Screw lock or standard attachment
Scalpels are used in many different ways, but for classroom dissection handles for disposable blades are the most popular option. Most instructors use with a #3 or #4 sized handle. The handle shape is the same, but utilize different sized blades. Normally handles have a slide lock, which hold the blade in place using a spring action. This kind of lock can be difficult for students to remove safely. Screw lock handles only accommodate blades that would be used on #4 handles, but can be easier to remove as they are held in place by a small screw.

Caution: These instruments are intended for training and educational use only. These are not intended for human or animal procedures.