Porcelain Crucibles and Covers

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CHF-50-20 CLF-50-20 CHF-50-LID-20 CHF-30-LID-20 CLF-15-LID-20 CHF-20-20 CLF-30-20 CLF-15-20 CHF-10-20 CHF-15-LID-20 CHF-15-20 CHF-30-20
470313-408PK 33 USD
470313-408 470313-406 470313-404 470313-402 470313-454 470313-356 470313-400 470313-452 470313-354 470313-398 470313-450 470313-396
Porcelain Crucibles and Covers
These crucibles are great for student use.

  • High and low form available
Crucibles are uniform and dense. They have stable mechanical strength and little permeability, and they are available in both high form and low form. When properly used, the glazed, high form pieces withstand temperatures of 1050 °C. Unglazed, low form pieces will withstand temperatures of 1350 °C.

Ordering information: Replacement covers are also available.

Packaging: Sold in packs of 20.