CO₂ Orbital Shakers

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CO₂ Orbital Shakers
Shakers and Mixers Orbital Shakers
Orbital shaker designed for shaking, mixing and aeration inside CO2 incubators

  • Controls located on a separate panel kept outside the incubator
  • Horizontally circular orbit for aeration and mixing
  • Optional platform available for use with MAGic Clamp™ system
To avoid contamination, unintentional release of gas or deviations from protocol, all settings on the shaker are adjusted via a panel that can be kept outside the CO2 chamber. The panel connects to the shaker via a 1mm thick cord that can pass easily through a port or under the door without compromising the seal.

The Orbi-Shakers come standard with a non-slip, rubber coated surface, ideal for tissue culture flasks, petri dishes and staining trays. All units are compatible with the optional MAGic Clamp System which allows use of the MAGic Clamp™ attachment line, for quick-changes between flask clamps of different sizes.

Ordering information: MAGic Clamp Platform and other accessories must be ordered separately.

Delivery information: Supplied with a non-slip, rubber mat.