Ward's® Phenomena: Sympathetic Pendulum Lab Activity

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Ward's® Phenomena: Sympathetic Pendulum Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Amaze your students with this physical science kit that teaches an inquiry-based lesson on forces.

  • Teach resonance in a creative way
  • Students learn by questioning what they see
  • NGSS standards covered
Phenomena kits, designed by Dr. Vince Mancuso, include materials for a teacher demonstration that seems like magic to the students and leaves them wanting to understand why it works. The kit contains materials for 10 student groups to use inquiry to explain the discrepant event in their own words. Teacher literature explain the concepts and facilitate teachers to guide students through this process using prediction in the student literature.

Six specially-designed wooden pendulum bases interlock to increase the variability in testing.

Certifications: Meets MS-PS3-A, MS-PS3-B, MS-PS3-C, and MS-PS4-A standards.

Ordering information: Extra bases are available as an accessory.