Ward's® Phenomena: Block Toppler Lab Activity

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Ward's® Phenomena: Block Toppler Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Knock over your student's preconceptions of elasticity with this inquiry-based activity on forces.

  • Teach transfer of energy in an innovative way
  • Students learn using inquiry
  • NGSS standards covered
Phenomena kits, designed by Dr. Vince Mancuso, include materials for a discrepant teacher demonstration that leaves them wondering why. The kit contains a wide variety of reusable materials for 10 student groups to investigate why some boards are knocked down and others are not by testing different variables. Teachers are guided through the inquiry method using detailed teacher and student literature.

Certifications: Meets MS-PS2-A, MS-PS3-A, MS-PS3-B, and MS-PS3-C standards.

Ordering information: Extra board sets (maple, oak, poplar, and pine) are available as an accessory to offer better availability.