Squishy Circuits, Group Kit

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Squishy Circuits, Group Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The group kit is great for classrooms, makerspaces and more!

We suggest up to 3 children per battery holder, so this kit accommodates groups of 1- 30.

This kit does not come with dough, but we suggest purchasing two 'Squishy Circuits Dough Kits' which will provide the correct amount of conductive and insulating dough. Remember that making the dough can be a fun group activity. We would still suggest purchasing insulating dough though because the purchased version works much better.

Delivery information: Every group kit is packed in a sturdy plastic case and includes: 10×Battery Holders (40 AA Batteries not Included), 10×Piezoelectric Buzzers, 10×Motors with Fan Blades, 10×Switches, 80×LEDs 10 ea in Red, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, and Color Changing. This kit does not come with dough.